3 tips to best enjoy every single glass of wine – # 1 Temperature is everyting

3 tips to best enjoy every single glass of wine – # 1 Temperature is everyting

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“Il vino bianco va servito assiderato”  -Totò-

Wine is pleasure, it is tasting, it is conviviality, so it should be savored in the best possible way. We will give you three tips, one per article, to taste every single drop.

How many times have you ever had a glass of wine and felt something was wrong? you do not need to be a sommelier to notice, already from the first sip, that a warm white wine is not the best not to mention a red wine served cold!

In fact every wine has an ideal temperature of service that, if respected, allows to fully appreciate all its qualities.

Serving temperature for white wine

Let’s start with white wines. These are the temperatures that should be served. I recommend, do not serve them never frozen, you would not taste them.

– Pinot grigio, should be served with a temperature ranging from 8 to 10 ° C / 46 ° -50 ° F.

– One Chardonnay should be served at 10-12 ° C / 50-53 ° F.

– For mature white wines the serving temperature ranges from 12 ° to 14 ° / 53-57 ° F.

Serving temperature for roseè wine

Same for rosé wines. They are served with a temperature ranging from 10 to 14 degrees depending on whether we are talking about young wines, and in this case the temperature is lower (10-12 degrees) or mature and full-bodied wines that should be served at a higher temperature (12-14 degrees).

Serving temperature for red wine

If we talk about red wines, instead, the temperature heats up. They are served from the 14th to the 20th.

– Young wines should be tasted at about 14-16 degrees, fresh from the cellar,

– mature ones such as Sangiovese from 16 to 18 degrees;

– finally, the very full-bodied ones, such as Merlot, must be served at a temperature ranging from 18 to 20 degrees.

Now, you know just enough to enhance the quality of your wine, but it is not easy to reach the perfect temperature. Do not despair, Albi will do it for you, setting the perfect temperature according to the wine! So relax and let yourself have a glass of wine!

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