Classification of wine scents

Classification of wine scents

Wine is not only drunk. We smell, we observe, we taste, we sip and … we talk about it. (Edoardo VII)

The first thing you do when you take a glass of wine in your hand, whether we are expert or not, is take it to the nose to smell it. What you recognize immediately and that is one of the problems that a wine lover has met at least once is definitely the smell of cork. But the wine has in itself a symphony of aromas difficult to grasp

The aromas and perfumes are due to chemical compounds present in the wine which are classified by association with known natural odors. Here are the seven categories of wine aromas.

# 1 flowers

If you pay attention you can smell rose, violet, acacia, elderberry, artemisia for red wine and white flowers for white wines

# 2 Fruits

How many times have you heard “this wine is fruity”? if you have tasted a wine so you will have surely felt one of these aromas: marasca, raspberry, apples, strawberry, peach and currant.

# 3 dried fruit

Above all mature wines can release these scents: dried figs, almonds, walnuts, jam and candied fruit

# 4 herbs and wood

Let’s start going to the particular. In a glass of wine you can feel the fern, the undergrowth, the pine, the resin, the tobacco and the wood.

# 5 roasting

Another very particular category that of roasting. In a glass of wine you can smell the aroma of toast, coffee, cocoa, or the smell of smoked.

# 6 aromatic herbs

Penultimate category returns to herbs and nature with hints of blueberry, carnation, vanilla, bay leaf, aniseed, thyme, spices

# 7 animals

The last category is that of “animal” perfumes such as butter, leather and musk.

If you are curious and want to try to feel that too “hide” your glass of wine, let us serve the perfect one from albi dispenser, because remember that the temperature is everything to appreciate and really perceive all the aromas and perfumes of wine!!


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