Wine preservation

The bags protect the wine from contact with oxygen and keep it unchanged for six months from its first insertion in the dispenser.

Albi preserves the product eight times longer than any other system on the market.

Wine traceability

Each bag is equipped with RFID tags. This allows you to trace and monitor all their journey, from the cellar to the glass of consumers. In this way you can check if, during transport, the wine has been well preserved and if it will arrive at its destination with all its qualities unaltered.

New market

The platform will allow you to enter new markets enjoying the advantages of a light and resistant packaging like that of the bags, which ensures more safety during transport (reducing the risk of damage to the product) and allows much lower shipping costs of bottles glass.

Thanks to its functionalities, albi serves the perfect glass of wine, always at the ideal temperature and perfectly preserved.
Use it for wine tasting in the cellar or present it to your customers to ensure the perfect service conditions of your wine