The problems that every wine lover has met

The problems that every wine lover has met

If you are a wine lover like us, you will surely have met at least one of these problems.

Even if you are not a connoisseur, but simple tasters, everyone has the right to enjoy a perfect oenological moment.

# 1 The wine is corked

This is one of the problems you hope you never get when you give wine to someone during a dinner and he / she decides to open it.

You can not know in advance if the wine will be corked, for this reason everyone gets sick when it happens.

This unpleasant sensation derives from a fungus that develops to the cork cap and chemically is called Trichloroanilose or abbreviated TCA. Result? We can not drink our wine.

# 2 Wine at the wrong temperature

Not everyone has a cellar in the house where to store the wine to keep it fresh and we can not always keep the white wine in the fridge before the guests arrive for dinner! In fact, each wine has its ideal serving temperature, red wines should be served from 14 to 20 ° C, whites and rosés from 10 to 14 °. They are small precautions that, if respected, will make you drink 100% appreciate the wine you are drinking.

Otherwise the result is that the wine we drink is not as pleasant as it could be at the right temperature.

# 3 Why waste a whole bottle for a single glass?

You will have asked yourself this whole question especially when you had a glass of wine but you were alone at home. Then the dilemma will have been: do I finish the bottle or leave it semi – full hopening that tomorrow is still good? Result, a glass of cola!!

# 4 Which wine do we order: white, red?

White wine or red wine ?, this is the dilemma. Especially if you are two and do not have the same taste.

When you are out for dinner it often happens that a diatribe opens up to the waiter’s question; red, white, rose, aged, young, fruity, each has its own taste and take more than one bottle, not finish it (but pay it) is out of the question. Result, “we take mineral water, thank you!”.

How can you resolve these problems? Thanks to Albicchiere,of course!! The smart dispenser, has thought of everything: temperature, preservation, choice. So relax and enjoy your wine: always fresh, good and ready to drink!!

Cheers !!

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