Music and wine, when a glass inspires songs

Music and wine, when a glass inspires songs




Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody i do not know (John Keats)

In the course of history, there are musicians and singers who have paid homage to the nectar of the Gods dedicating a song or simply inserting it into the title.

We therefore thought to collect the most beautiful ones here, trying to satisfy everyone’s tastes, from jazz enthusiasts to those who love rock.

An “enological compilation” that will introduce you to new and beautiful music (if you do not know the titles we are about to propose) or will make you put the Lp at full volume (in case you already have it). Everything to make the atmosphere even more special while you enjoy the “symphonies” of your wine.

Pop-rock wine

Those who love this genre can not but love him: Sir Elton John, who in 1973 has delighted us with Elderberry wine. When you listen to this piece you will not be able to stand still, you will go around the house, glass in hand, singing and dancing, guaranteed.

Recommended wine: a young, fresh, white or rosé wine.

Pop wine

In 1983 this song was in first place in the English heat parade, we are talking about Red Red wine, single of the British band UB40. Melodic song, will be able to make you relax while sipping your glass of wine.

Recommended wine: strictly red wine, but also in this case young.

Wine rock

There is nothing better than good, dear, old rock !! For this category we found a song much more recent than the first two, Old Red wine, from 2004, of the rock band The Who. Superb and with a beautiful piece of guitar it is worth listening to if you did not know it.

Recommended wine: Red wine and aged, of course!

Country wine

Country music and glass of wine, it sounds good! In 1967 Dean Martin sang a piece written a year before by Charlie Walker entitled Little Old Wine Drinker Me. Cheerful and engaging, it can be thought of as background while sipping wine with friends.

Recommended wine: a white wine, aged.

Jazz Wine

Just two words, Nina Simone. One of the hottest and beautiful voices in the history of jazz. In 1966 he played a song written in 1950 by James Shelton, Lilac Wine. To savor sitting comfortably with your glass of wine in hand.

Recommended wine: red, full bodied and warm, with fruity aromas.

Did you like the playlist we proposed? Well, you have music, Albi will take care of everything else, enjoy your wine.

Cheers !!

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