The # 4 unconventional ways to use wine

The # 4 unconventional ways to use wine



Wine, which you drink in company or you use in the kitchen, is one of the most popular drinks; but perhaps not everyone knows that you can make “unconventional” uses with the nectar of the Gods that can help us in everyday life. Here are the oenological remedies that you would have never imagined.

Number 1: Wine as stain remover

If you have ever had a glass of red wine drop on the tablecloth, you will not have to despair anymore if you still have a reddish glow when you take it out of the washing machine. In fact, there is a method to remove red wine, and it is white wine. It seems a contradiction and instead just rub a piece soaked in white wine directly on the stain and this disappears !

Number 2: Wine as a natural dye for fabrics

We have all seen how wine colors fabrics, so why not use it as a natural tint? Just immerse the fabric you want to dye in the wine and you will have a more or less red garment depending on the amount of liquid used.

Number 3: Wine as anti-repellent

The heat is approaching and with him we also know flies and mosquitoes. If you do not want to use chemical remedies to get rid of them, you can always resort to a glass of red wine. Just cover it with a transparent film and drill holes; the insects attracted by the scent of the wine enter into the glass remaining blocked.

Number 4: Wine as a degreaser and detergent

For all nature lovers who do not want to use chemicals to clean their homes, there is an all green method that suits them, it is always him, the wine. A little white wine diluted in water and a sheet of newspaper can make your glasses shine.

Fortunately, with albi, no glass of wine will be wasted! but if it should happen that you can not finish it, now you know what to do with what is left. Because wine must never be wasted!

Cheers !!

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