Tip # 2 Choose the right glass

Tip # 2 Choose the right glass

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“The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be, Doth dwell.” – William Shakespeare-

For non-experts in the field it may seem an exaggeration to serve each wine with a special glass. Yet, mistake glass could penalize the qualities of the wine that would not be so appreciated in the right way! In fact, if the temperature is everything, the glass is almost-all. In fact, each of them has characteristics that enhance one wine rather than another.

That’s why we want to indicate some of the most common glasses (there are many) that you can use to taste your favorite wines.

White wines

For white wines like Chardonnay or Sauvignon, the ideal glass is the tulip. With a similar shape to the homonymous flower, it has a flared opening that conveys the wine towards the tip of the tongue where the sweetness is better, while the shape of the glass favors the concentration of perfumes towards the nose.

For sparkling wines or Prosecco the most suitable glass (and perhaps the only one that everyone knows and is not wrong) is the flute. Its diameter allows you to appreciate the fresh aromas and flavors the development of bubbles.

Red wines

For young red wines such as Chianti, the suitable glass is the renano. Slightly flared to promote oxygenation, it narrows on the opening to prevent tannins, release an astringent taste on the gums.

For medium-bodied wines such as Sangiovese, the glass to be used is the ballon. its enlarged shape favors the oxygenation of the wine enhancing its characteristics.

Bordeaux is used for structured wines. Similar to the Rhine but larger in size, it has a wider opening that allows the aromas of more full-bodied wines such as Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon to concentrate in the mouth.

Finally, for the more aged wines such as Pinot Noir it is to be used the Gran Cru which, given the large dimensions, allows better oxygenation of the wines. Suitable for aged wines that can, with this glass, release their aromas.

Well, we told you which glass to use, you have Albi who thinks of everything, so choose the wine you prefer and …

Cheers !!

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