Perfect Serve

Make the service easier and faster thanks to the series of features available in albicchiere. The refrigeration system brings the wine to the ideal serving temperature, be it 8 degrees or 18.

Increase gain

The use of the bags allows you to sell to the glass all the wines of the cellar without fear of waste. The bag in fact keeps the product unchanged for six months from the first insertion in the dispenser.

No maintenance

Albi is easy to use and immediately ready for use, it does not commit personnel for maintenance and cleaning. The cost includes an infinite amount of doses as there are no additional costs related to the cleaning of the device or the use of argon gas for the preservation of wine. The wine bags are interchangeable, you can switch from white to red quickly and easily, without necessarily having to finish the previous bag, without the fear of waste and without cleaning the dispenser after the change.


Thanks to the connection with the mobile app, you will have direct control of all the dispensers present in your structure (quantity left, battery level, connection or not from the electrical outlet or from the mains, consumption register, change of bag exchange, any anomalies).


Each bag is equipped with an RFID tag that allows you to trace the whole path that makes the wine, from the cellar to the glass of your customers. You will know if the wine has been stored well and can therefore be served.

With albicchiere you will have a unique product with an investment that is the lowest among all those of the other systems of wine preservation. By choosing albicchiere you will also help the environment, as it reduces the Co2 emission by 40%.