Albicchiere is the most innovative startup in the field of IoT for HOME & LIFESTYLE at the 2018 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS in Barcelona

The new way to drink wine now has a name and is called albicchiere. An Italian startup has combined tradition and innovation creating the smart platform that allows you to taste any wine you want at any time. Ascent on the Barcelona stage of the Mobile World Congress won the award for the HOME & LIFESTYLE category.

The final of the IoT / WT Innovation World Cup 2018 took place inside the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the biggest technology and innovation event together with the CES in Las Vegas and saw the participation of competitors from all over the world who had the possibility to present their solutions in City, Retail, Transport, Home & Lifestyle, Industrial and Healthcare categories. All in front of a jury of international experts who judged on the degree of innovation, usability, and marketability.

Equipped with an in-bag wine dispenser with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, mobile app and dedicated e-commerce, the platform is designed to improve and bring users’ habits to a higher level. Specifically, albicchiere will make it possible: to drink even a glass of wine without fear of wasting a drop (thanks to the guaranteed preservation up to 6 months from the insertion of the bag), drink every wine at the ideal service temperature or the one preferred by the user, manage the dispenser through the mobile phone application (manage the dispensing temperature or dispenser anomalies), receive information about wines and interact with the voice assistance systems (you can ask the dispenser which wine is inserted, if the wine has reached the temperature and the time it takes to reach it, order wines and ask for suggestions regarding combinations).

“Receiving an award like that of the IoT / WT Innovation World Cup, is a great satisfaction” say the founders Massimo Mearini and Diego Pepini, “our project has been judged the best among other valid and innovative projects; we can finally say that innovation can also be done in a traditional sector such as wine, indeed we can say that it was the tradition that inspired the albicchiere. We will launch the product through crowdfunding platforms from the end of September so that you can finally enjoy your favorite wine, whatever you want, whenever you want “.

Enjoy any wine you want whenever you want!

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