The perfect serving temperature

Even the best wine must be served at the right temperature. Start finally to savor the true scent and the true aroma of your favorite wine.  Albicchiereallows you to enjoy it at the temperature recommended by the winemakeror your favorite one.

The longest time preservation on the market

Do not be afraid to open your bottle for a single glass. From now, your wine will keep perfect up to six month. Don’t pour wine down the drain again. Your last glass will taste amazing like the very first.

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A glass of wine deserves the right atmosphere

Thanks to the functions of Voice Control and Smart Home connection you cancreate a scenario that sets the stage for movie night, party, romantic dinner or whatever you need.
Albi will set the environment with the best wine, food and music.
Now you’re ready!

The best wine cooling and preservation system on the market! Receive it at the price of common drill for corks.

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