Increase gain

Offer a unique service that will increase customer satisfaction and your earnings.


Albicchiere does not need electric cables, works with a battery pack and can therefore be transported anywhere allowing to serve wine in safe and stable conditions.

Automatic cooling system

The refrigeration system brings the wine to the ideal temperature, whether it is 8 ° or 18 ° and keeps it so you can serve the perfect glass of wine to any traveler.

No maintenance

The dispenser does not engage personnel in maintenance or cleaning, it is immediately ready for use and easy to use. the bags are interchangeable and you can switch from white to red quickly and easily, without having to finish the previous bag, without fear of waste and without having to clean the dispenser between one bag and the other. the cost in fact guarantees an infinite quantity of doses as there are no costs related to the maintenance or purchase of argon gas for the preservation of wine.


The bags are much lighter and more resistant than glass bottles and will therefore make all logistics easier: the weight will be reduced by 30%, as will the risk of damage during transport. The reduction in volume allows you to be more flexible in the amount of wine to be transported.


Equipped with an RFID tag can be traced, so you will know all their journey, from the cellar to the glass. You will know if the wine has been well preserved and if it can be served.

With albicchiere you will have a unique product with an investment that is the lowest among all those of the other systems of wine preservation. By choosing albicchiere you will also help the environment, as it reduces the Co2 emission by 40%.