What is albicchiere? Why do I need it?

Albicchiere is the only smart device that allows you to enjoy the perfect wine
Whichever you wish, Whenever you want.

You can endlessly change the wine loaded unlike all the other dispensers because the wine in our bags is preserved in perfect conditions for up to 6 months from the first opening against 5-7 days of any other technology.

(Be wary of those who tell you that by introducing argon the wine is preserved for up to 90 days, this is true only if you never change the bottle in the dispenser! Once removed from the dispenser the bottles are preserved for up to 24 hours).

You can enjoy your favorite white wine today and discover a great red wine tomorrow without worrying about the expiration date.

Albicchiere will warn you when some wine on your list is next to lose its quality so you do not waste even a sip.

What is the Smart Wine Dispenser?

Our Smart Wine Dispenser has many functions on board:

  • it can dialogue with all the IoT devices of your kitchen,
  • you can control it remotely via the app and schedule when you prepare your glass at the temperature you want,
  • You can talk to Albicchiere through Alexa or Google home and ask advice on pairings for dinner or simply know if the bag is enough for tonight,
  • It will become your best friend for a romantic evening where you can recommend the best wine and the best service for your partner, or give you a moment of relaxation in complete solitude.

How does the Smart Wine Dispenser work?

Albicchiere automatically recognizes the bag you introduce identifying the type of wine, the state of conservation and the best service characteristics.

Immediately or according to the time you set up, cool or heat the wine to bring it to the recommended temperature or the one you have set as preferred.

And above all, he will remember you, once you have chosen the service that you like most the next time he will think to please you because every palate is different, but we know how to make everyone happy.

What are the dimensions of albicchiere?

Albicchiere can be comfortably on your kitchen, it is as big as a coffee machine.

Albicchiere is the most compact dispenser in its class, no one like us has ever concentrated so many professional functions in so little space.

Albicchiere occupies an area of 20x20x35 cm and weighs only 4 kg.

How long does albicchiere preserve wine?

Every wine is different, there is no standard, but on average a young wine in our smart wine bags can remain in perfect conditions for up to 6 months from the first opening.

Clearly, if you want the maximum taste you will have to carefully follow the specifications of the wine you choose, but do not worry, we will remind you from time to time directly from Albicchiere’s App.

What kind of wine can I use in the Smart Bag?

Our Smart Wine Bags can contain any still wine in production, in the future you can also fill them by yourself with bottles that you hold in the cellar for years for fear of wasting them or with the wine that your grandfather produces.

And this is a guarantee for you to choose your favorite wine among 100% of the wines on the market.

How to have the perfect serve?

Insert the Smart Wine Bag with your favorite wine and you’re done.

Alby will think of everything else!

Open your App if you want and change the service temperature settings if you prefer,

otherwise sit back and enjoy your glass.

Do I need to set up my Smart Wine Dispenser?

Only when you first switch on you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to connect Alby to your wifi and the App on your phone.

Then, Alby will think of everything you need.

Do I need to clean my Smart Wine Dispenser?

**Absolutely not!**

Alby is the only Wine Dispenser able to chill your wine that does not require cleaning cycles neither automatic nor manual.

It simply does not require any maintenance.

How to pour wine?

Put the glass and enjoy your wine, SO SIMPLE!

Can I use The Smart Wine Dispenser to drink something else?

In the future, who knows…

Our technology can be used for any beverage suitable for use with our Smart Bags. But you are a Winelover!

Can I remove a Smart Wine Bag before it is complitely finished?

Yes, Sure!

Alby is the only dispenser on the market that encourages you to change wine before you finish it.

Enjoy a different wine every day, at every meal or even at every course. We will take care of your wine.

How does The Smart Wine Dispenser connect to the internet?

albicchiere has built-in WiFi and works with b/g/n 2.4GHz networks.

Do I need to connect Smart Wine Dispenser to the internet?

No, your Alby will preserve and chill without internet. It uses the internet to automatically identify your wine and provide rich content from the Cloud. We recommend connecting to the internet for the optimal experience.

Can I order albicchiere?

The wait will be repaid, 

From 2019 you will be able to order your Smart Wine Dispenser.

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How can I order Wine?

As soon as we are ready with dispenser deliveries you can buy your favorite wines in our Smart Bags through your App or by connecting to our online shop.

Many other functions will then be added to ensure a simple selection and purchase process in one tap, that can guide you to find the right wine for the right occasion or to discover new products according to your tastes.

Can I order albicchiere from the US or from the rest of world?

Alby will be available initially for the American and European market, being a Hardware product to be sold must correspond to the regulations of the State of importation.

Tell us by e-mail [info@albicchiere.com] your country of origin and we will let you know if the product can be purchased.

However, do not worry, in the coming months we will open to new markets, maybe the first one will be yours.

The best wine cooling and preservation system on the market! Receive it at the price of common drill for corks.

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