You can bring books wherever the reception takes place. The dispenser does not need electric cables and works with a battery pack that makes it transportable and practical.

Perfect Serve

The dispenser is very easy to use, once the bag is inserted, think of everything, refrigerate the wine bringing it to the ideal serving temperature, whether it is 8 ° or 18 ° and keeps it always good and fresh for your guests

Fast change

The bags are easily interchangeable, you can switch from a white to a red wine without necessarily finishing them, the wine will still remain unchanged and will be ready to drink.


The bags are much lighter and more resistant than glass bottles and will therefore make all logistics easier: the weight will be reduced by 30%, as will the risk of damage during transport.

Situation control

Thanks to the RFID tag they have, you can make a timely check of the situation, you will know what you are offering to your customers. The bags are in fact drawn and you can know all the way they have done, from the cellar to the glass of your customers.

With albicchiere you will have a unique product with an investment that is the lowest among all those of the other systems of wine preservation. By choosing albicchiere you will also help the environment, as it reduces the Co2 emission by 40%.